Consider the Lilies..: What I learned through my 10 day fast..   

Jan 31, 2013

What I learned through my 10 day fast..

My 10 day fast ended yesterday.. The corporate church fast doesn't end until Friday but I started early..

Some things I learned:
I learned that I don't watch much television so fasting it didn't really make a lot of difference.. I don't have Facebook or Pinterest, so the only Internet I really fasted was my blog.. Not really much of a big deal there.. I read and study the Bible for a few hours every day anyway, and I have made it a point to spend more time in prayer every day before I started the fast..
I have already quit smoking and drinking Redbull, I very rarely eat meat anymore, I don't drink soda, hardly ever eat anything fried, and I go to the gym almost every day..
Oh, and I have been fasting one day a week, every week for the last year..

So, what I learned was pretty simple.. Just because the pastors and a bunch of people in your church start a fast, doesn't mean that you need to jump in and do it too..
Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that no one should fast.. I have heard stories from my friends of amazing revelation from this fast.. I myself have received revelation through fasting.. But I'm saying that starting a fast when you don't even know why your doing it is just stupid..

I was excited about this fast.. I had decided to fast media and food.. So just juice, broth, and books for me.. I didn't struggle, it wasn't difficult, I didn't feel deprived, or weakened.. So by the fourth day I had decided to give up more.. I gave up coffee and the broth.. Just juice..
Still, no problem..
I read more, I prayed longer..

On the eighth day I realized something.. I never asked God; what should I fast? What should I fast for? Should I fast?
Nope, I just did it because the church was doing it..

So my real lesson was simple.. Just because a wagon goes by, it doesn't mean you have to jump on it..

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  1. So true about jumping on the wagon. We all do things in our own timing.


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