Consider the Lilies..: Happy Wednesday!   

Jan 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

On the 23rd my church will be starting a 10-day fast..  We usually do a 21 day fast but this year it's only 10 days..  I'm not sure why exactly..  I know our senior pastor explained why last Sunday but I wasn't paying attention..

Oh wait, I found it on the website..  Okay, THIS is what we are doing..  Anyway, I am looking forward to this fast..  My doctors said I could fast more this year as long as I prepare myself first, so I have been making gradual changes every day and will be ready by Monday..

I will absolutely be doing a media fast like I do every year..  I kind of wish that I could include my phone in the fast too..  I turn the phone off on Sunday's and I really enjoy the peace and quiet..  But with Sky driving, I don't like to be away from my phone..  Plus, if there was an emergency with my family I wouldn't know about it unless my sister knocked on my door..  And what is the emergency was my sister?
Yeah, so no phone fasting..  But laptop, Ipad, television  and everything else..  Totally..

I probably won't write any more on this blog until the fast is over..  I might still blog in my personal blog until the 23rd, but it's a pretty boring blog..  Just normal everyday stuff to keep my family updated..
I may do the media fast for the full 21 days anyway, I'm not sure yet..

I'll be fasting other stuff too and plan on approaching this fast differently than all the others..  Sort of like my goals for 2013 (which are going fabulously by the way)..  I'm telling you, amazing things are happening!  I am simply awestruck by God's faithfulness and I am learning trust and growing in my faith in ways I never imagined..  I won't elaborate too much just yet but I do plan on giving a full report when the year is over..  What my goals were, how I did, changes that were made, all that jazz..  I am keeping a record in my journal so I'll have plenty to talk about next year..  :)

Well, that's about all I have to talk about..  Have a great day!  I'll be back when the fast is over :)

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