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Nov 14, 2012

What Is Love

This is Amy..  She sat at our Hearts table this season, and I'm so glad she did..
The topic for this season's lesson was 'Loved'..  On the last day of Hearts, Amy brought everyone at our table a copy of a  poem that she had written..  I think it's lovely and I wanted to share it with y'all..

What is Love

What is love, what does it mean?
Is it a feeling, has it ever been seen?

In my life I have often wondered,
If I work hard enough, long enough, will those I love forget I have blundered?

As a child love and acceptance I had to chase.
An uphill battle it felt I would always face.

If my own family did not love me, what am I worth?
I believed not a soul alive could love me here on this earth.

A fear was born of abandonment and shame.
I've heard stories of the princess and the rescue but for me no one came.

As the years wore on and the road became tough,
I never felt I was quite good enough.

No matter what I did or how hard I tried,
Somewhere somehow someone had to have lied.

This is not love this is way too painful.
I wanted a change my heart had grown dull.

I began to pray and praise through the pain,
To the only one I knew could sustain.

My Heavenly Father I had called to in the past,
He felt so far, I needed Him, He came at last.

In my pain I had hoped to hear from above,
He calmed my heart saying "you are loved".

In the moment I knew what true love meant.
On bended knee, hands raised, praising I went.

My heart fill with love so unconditional.
No matter how I failed, or how I messed up, now I have a love that is eternal..
Amy R Hessig

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