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Nov 15, 2012

What I think..

About forgiveness..

  • When God forgives, it's wiped clean..  It's done, over, never to be thought about or spoken about again..  It's as if it never happened..
  • People don't really forgive; not like God anyway..
  • God has forgiven us of everything. What we have done and what we will do.  It's all forgiven..  It's not God who we need to ask for forgiveness, ever..  We should be asking each other..
  • Holding a grudge is the same as not forgiving..
  • If you have ever said "oh I forgive him, but.."  You haven't forgiven..
  • If you are still talking about an offense, you haven't forgiven..
  • You can't expect anyone to forgive you, if you refuse to forgive others..

About gossip..
  • People who will gossip to you, will gossip about you..  If they will talk to you about someone else, they will talk to someone else about you..
  • It is painful, destructive, and humiliating..
  • Listening to it is just as bad as spreading it..
  • There is a very fine line between confiding in someone and gossiping about someone..
  • If it isn't true, if it hasn't been confirmed, and if you don't have permission to share it, it's gossip.
  • It is damaging to everyone..  The one the gossip is about, the one spreading it, and the one hearing it.

About helping others..
  • If you are waiting until you 'feel led' to help, you will always have an excuse not to..
  • We don't need to feel led to help, the Bible has already told us to..  (Matthew 25:40-43)
  • Just because you can't do everything doesn't mean you shouldn't do something.
  • That homeless guy will probably just buy booze if you give him that 5 bucks in your pocket..  Give it anyway..
  • Offering help does not give the giver the right to tell the receiver how to use it..
  • One of the most humbling experiences is to help someone you don't like and to do it graciously..

About love..
  • There is no greater love than sacrificial love..
  • Love means caring about everyone..
  • It means never expecting anything in return..
  • Love is putting everyone before yourself.  Everyone..
  • Love is a choice..

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