Consider the Lilies..: Specks and Planks..   

Nov 15, 2012

Specks and Planks..

You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
Matthew 7:5

When Jesus said this, He was reminding us thatGod is the only righteous judge, and warning us not to assume God's role..  But it seems to me, when we mere mortals quote it, it's more to take the focus off of us and our own bad behavior, and on to the person who offended us..  This verse has become a weapon of defense for many of us..  
We love to quote this verse when someone judges us or makes accusations against us..  But we certainly do not love it when this verse is quoted to us..  When it's quoted to us, we usually decide right away that the person doing the quoting is really the one being judgmental..

 "Unless you stop being a jerk to me, you can't talk about what a jerk I was!  Not that I was a jerk.. I wasn't, I'm never a jerk, that's why I can call you a jerk, because I am completely innocent of ever being a jerk myself, you jerk!"

But how often do we consider this verse internally?  Do we ever apply it to ourselves?  Do we think about this verse before we make comments to or about anyone else?
If we do, it's categorically
"I never get drunk so I can tell other people how bad they are when they do."
Never-mind the fact that you are living with a man you aren't married to..  But that's different, you aren't judging anyone who is living with someone they aren't married to, you are talking about people who get drunk!  It's a completely different situation.. Right?

It means that unless you have never sinned, you have no right to point out someone else's..  Unless you have never done something wrong yourself; you have no right to judge anyone for anything they do..
I have slapped people with this verse myself..  I bet if you look hard enough you will find that I have used it in this blog..  Probably more than once..  But I realized that quoting this verse as a means to justify my actions or my behavior, or to take the focus off of what I said or did is pretty hypocritical in itself..

So, unless you apply this verse to yourself before every conversation you ever have with or about another person, and have found yourself innocent of any wrongdoing ever; don't use it to correct someone else..

**Well, so much for changing the way I write eh?  Yeah, I totally see the irony too..   Ah, c'est la vie!**


  1. In my church voice...Well! lol I can honestly say that I can't recall using this verse in one way or the other.

    We all have beams, we all have dirt. You keep your beams and I'll keep mine and pray for God to remove them all.

    Just don't smack me with your beam cuz I smack back! haaa haaa! AND in the great words of my sister...I'm still saved! Halleluyerrr! :)


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