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Nov 9, 2012

If you really knew me..

It's 2:30 in the morning..  I have been awake for an hour..  Too late to take a sleeping pill since I have to be up in three and a half hours and my chamomile pineapple tea doesn't seem to be working..  So I decided to read a few of the many blogs I follow..  I started with Chapter Twenty..  She posted a 'if you really knew me' post and said she had gotten the idea from a blog that she had stumbled upon..  So I figured that since I haven't had any inspiration lately as far as my blog goes, why not do the same?  I followed the trail of blogs and learned that it's a weekly thing for her, so I thought why not?  I'm trying to come up with a new direction for this blog, why not start there?  I used to post "what I learned this week" but stopped..  I may go in that direction too..  OK, enough rambling..

If you really knew me you would know:

My insomnia is always related to something that is bothering me..  The hard part for me is figuring out what that is..

I love Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins..

Even though I do it with a smile, it hurts me every time I drop my husband at the airport..

The Big Bang Theory is my favorite sitcom..   Sheldon Cooper is the funniest character ever..

I am a new person with new thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and goals.

I really love the book of Revelations..

When I am upset, the last thing I want is people around..  And I absolutely do not want to 'talk about it'..  I want to think, I want to process, and I want to sleep..  Period..

I don't think anything goes better with chocolate than hazelnuts..

I am a total coffee snob..

I believe that holding grudges, staying angry, and hanging on to offenses makes you an ugly person.

I am one of those parents who thinks that her child is absolutely perfect..  I doubt that will ever change..

I watch the Today show every morning, but I turn it off when Kathy Lee Gifford comes on..

I am hyper-graphic (a side effect of epilepsy) and have had actual panic attacks if I have nothing to write with..


  1. Nice post. I think my girls are perfect as well, :) I am also a coffee snob!

  2. Yea! I loved reading your list. I feel like I know you now. :)

  3. Also, I really like the look of your blog. :)


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