Consider the Lilies..: The Forgiveness Test   

Oct 21, 2012

The Forgiveness Test

"At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other"
Matthew 24:10

Jesus was talking about signs of the end times..  As I said before, I believe that we are in the beginning of those times..  Things are going from bad to worse..  I have never seen as much hatred, bickering, and mud-slinging in any election prior to this one..  But it's not just about the election..  We are becoming angrier quicker, saying horrible things to each other and simply not caring, and even feeling justified for doing so..
We are defending our actions, our harsh words and bad behavior..
"Well SHE said something mean first! If HE hadn't done what HE did, I wouldn't have done what I did.  Oh I forgive her BUT she started it!  Well, I'm sorry BUT.."  Blah blah blah..

We are acting exactly how the Bible said we would..  Anger and indignation is at a new high, forgiveness and kindness is at a new low..  We are supposed to be set apart..  We are supposed to be above this, yet we are down in the mud with everyone else..  

I watched this video this morning and it really spoke to me..  Please watch it with an open mind AND heart..  And please, don't do what we usually do..  Don't watch it and think "Oh, so-and-so needs to hear this, this isn't about me"  I watched it for me, I listened to how it applied to me..  
Please take a moment and really listen..


  1. I'm going to the party. :) I believe you have to let things go and move on. We are all in process. I just ask God to remove what He doesn't want me to have in me. Until then I will have to confess and repent when I slip.

    Forgiveness is great but ain't nothing wrong with setting boundaries with peeps.

  2. Ren, I completely agree with you. I have noticed anger and back biting like never before. Sadly, there are times I am the guilty party. If someone wrongs me, I am to forgive and love. At times, my entitlement takes center stage. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit will convict my heart and remind me that a lack of gratitude towards Him causes me to feel entitled. Ouch! I love Jesus so much and am so grateful that He loves me enough to convict me.

    Thanks for sharing a Joyce Meyer video. She tells it like it is and I really appreciate it. Much love to you, my sister in Christ.


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