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Oct 29, 2012

Make it count..

As I type this, an 800 mile wide hurricane is headed straight for the east coast..  It is getting stronger by the minute..  The weather channel said that millions of people will be affected.. Thousands of people will be without power, people will be without water..  Families will loose their homes..  People will die..

I live a pretty comfortable existence  in The Midwest..  This morning my husband drove our daughter to school in the new SUV she got for her birthday..  I got up and cooked breakfast for my husband, father-in-law, and roommate..  I took a long hot shower, put on a pair of designer jeans, and texted a friend of mine..
Those are the things I did this morning..

These are the things I didn't do this morning..
I didn't thank God for my father-in-law who drove all the way to Omaha from New Mexico to bring my daughter an SUV for her birthday.  I didn't thank Him for the nice weather that enabled my husband to drive our daughter to school while parents on the coast are rushing to get their children to safety..  I didn't thank Him for the electricity to cook our breakfast or a working refrigerator that kept the bacon and eggs that I cooked from spoiling when tomorrow others wont have that luxury..  I didn't thank him for the hot water that rushed out of the shower head for me that people on the coast won't be enjoying tomorrow..  I didn't thank Him for my designer jeans..  I didn't thank Him for the ability to text my friend today knowing that tomorrow others will be desperately trying to reach loved ones on cell phones that won't be answered..

Friday I had a conversation with someone that didn't sit well with me..  I woke up this morning still dwelling on it..  Yesterday as I was walking down the hallway I heard a pastor say something that bothered me..  I festered about that this morning too..
But then I turned on the news and heard about the hurricane and all of a sudden I felt very small..  I realized how insignificant my offenses are..  Not just Friday's and yesterday's offenses, but all of them..

We take our time on earth for granted, thinking that we will always have time to deal with our feelings, we will have plenty of time to 'make it right'..  But we don't know that..  We could be gone tomorrow..  They could be gone tomorrow..  What if someone left this earth before you could 'make it right' with them?  Yeah, maybe right now you don't want to make it right..  Maybe  now you are still stinging from how they treated you..  Maybe now you feel justified for how you feel and you are waiting for them to make it right with you..  But what if they were gone?  Would you still feel justified knowing that the only thing that kept you from making amends was your pride?

I don't know how to say this in a tactful way so ill just say it..
It doesn't matter what someone said or did to offend you..  It doesn't matter how you were treated..  It doesn't matter if the offender isn't sorry or hasn't made an effort to change their behavior..  IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW YOU FEEL..

What matters is the Kingdom..  Living for God..  Doing our best to live like Christ..  
A while ago I blogged about having an eternal perspective..  Little did I know when I wrote it how significant it would be to me today..

Today IS the first day of the rest of your life..  Make it count..


  1. Great post Ren. But my siser, please don't be too hard on yourself. In life, we are going to get bumped, offended, whatever you want to call it. Things WILL bother us. God created us with feelings and He DOES give us room for anger.

    How you handle those feelings is what COUNTS. =) The Bible says to be angry and sin not. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Feelings come along with being human.

    So have your moment girl and then push past it. Don't let it dominate your thoughts or your life. Even the Bible says to count it ALL joy.

    And yes thank God everyday for how spoiled we are in this country, even in our city.

  2. Perfect post. I have experienced some backstabbing lately and it has really hurt. Satan tells me I'm not worthy of respect and I need to realize that. On Friday a man very dear to our family died of cancer. We are heartbroken. He loved Jesus and it showed in all he did. My husband reminded me of what is important in life..,love and Jesus. It's time I let my pain go, cast my cares on The Lord because He deeply cares.
    You are truly appreciated. Love to you. Xoxo


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