Consider the Lilies..: Would you stay the same?   

Sep 13, 2012

Would you stay the same?

A few weeks ago my daughter and her friend from church (and school) were sitting at my kitchen table talking about a girl they go to school with..  My daughter's friend said "I hate her, she's such a *insert really bad name here*..
I'm not sure where it came from, but I turned and asked her "would you have said that if Jesus were standing in this kitchen?"  She gave me a deer in the headlights look for a second and then said "no, I guess not"..

Since then that thought has popped into my head a number of times..  Would I behave differently if Jesus was standing next to me wherever I went?  I questioned almost every situation..  Would I complain about anything, would I say mean things about someone?  Would I cut someone off in traffic or get angry at someone who cut me off?  Would I make judgments about anyone?  Ever?  Would I vent to anyone about someone I didn't like?  Even to my spouse?  Would I give my last five dollars to someone if they needed it, or would I keep it to buy that Starbucks I had been craving?

I have to admit that my behavior would be so dramatically different if Jesus were standing right next to me..  Not just in my attitude or how I related to people, but in the privacy of my own home too..  I don't think I would watch some of the television shows that I do if Jesus were sitting on the couch with me..
I know for a fact that I would think before I said or did anything, I would ask His opinion before I did anything, and I can promise you that I would never ever tell Him that I didn't have time to talk to Him or listen to Him..  I know would never ever say "You know Jesus, I really should read the Bible but I haven't looked at Pinterest today."

But you see, Jesus IS standing right next to me..  He does hear me when I speak, He watches what I do, and He knows what I am thinking..  We can make excuses for our behavior and how we treat others all the time, but I wonder if we would use those same excuses if we were actually face to face with Jesus?

So how would my life be different if I were actually face to face with Jesus every moment of every day?  I can't say exactly, but I think I would begin every morning with "thank you Jesus for blessing me with another day, thank you for blessing me with life"..  I think I would ask Him "what do YOU want me to do today?  How can I serve YOU?"..  I think I would spend hours talking to Him, listening to Him, and doing everything I possibly could to please Him..  I know I wouldn't complain because my coffee wasn't hot enough, I know I wouldn't say negative things about anyone, I would be kinder, and I would make a real effort to show love to everyone I met..  I hope I would make more of an effort to serve others.

So what about you?  How would your life be different if you were face to face with Jesus, every moment of every day?

I think we can do better..  Don't you?


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