Consider the Lilies..: Knowledge is power.. Kinda..   

Sep 3, 2012

Knowledge is power.. Kinda..

1 Thessalonians 5:17- "pray continually"
I learned a new lesson yesterday..  Being a 'learner' you would think that I would be thrilled every time I learn something new..  Instead, I am usually kicking myself because the lessons I learn are lessons I already know.. 
Well, I know them in theory..  I am an avid Bible reader..  In the past two and a half years I have read it cover to cover several times..  I am maintaining a 4.0 average in theology school..  On top of that I spend at least a week on word studies, I chose a book in the Bible and spend several hours a day reading it over and over..
I'm not claiming to be a Bible expert, but I can hold my own..

The thing is..  You can study constantly but unless you live what you learn, everything you learn is pointless..  I mean, you can learn the mechanics of football, you can memorize the play-book, and you can watch the game repeatedly..  But that doesn't mean you can walk out on the field and be a great football player..
You have to play the game to get good at it..

The Bible says -Colossians 4:2 (amplified version)
"Be earnest and unwearied and steadfast in your prayer [life], being [both] alert and intent in [your praying] with thanksgiving."

That's pretty cut and dry.  Pray always..  Basically in everything you do, pray.  Pray before, pray during, and pray after..
Easy enough right?  Well, obviously not, because I didn't..
Last Friday I was waiting in line at the DMV (someone had broken into my husband's truck a couple weeks ago and one of the things stolen was my daughter's wallet, so we were getting her a new learner's permit)..  
All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, a thought popped into my head..  "something bad is gonna happen"..  
I leaned over and told my husband..  He nodded and said something like "OK, we will be on guard"..  I should have started praying right then, but I didn't..  Instead I just sat around wondering what it would be and when it would happen..

Yesterday at church during worship it came to me..  Not all of it, just another piece of the puzzle..  I knew it had something to do with my husband..  So in the middle of a song I pulled my phone out and sent him a text..  He replied and said "I'll call you later"..  Uh oh..  That's never a good sign..  
I should have started praying right then..  I should have nudged Tina who was standing next to me and told her to pray..  I should have leaned forward and told Kenyatta, I could have even told one of the three pastors I had talked to that morning to pray also..  All of them would have taken me seriously, they probably wouldn't have even asked me to explain..
But I didn't..  I just went home and waited for my husband to call..
He did, and yeah it was bad..

This past year has been a hard one for us..  We have been hammered  emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, you name it..  We have an amazing support system and up until last Friday, I had depended on friends to stand with us in prayer and we have pulled through..  But this time, for some reason that I simply can't explain, I didn't think to pray..  I should have prayed the second I knew something was wrong..  But I dropped the ball..

It's quite possible that had I prayed at the onset, had I asked others to intercede for us, what happened might not have happened at all..
So again, lesson learned..  Just because I know the Bible, just because I can quote it when necessary, and just because I can tell others "the Bible says.." doesn't mean that I will always have the answer..  It doesn't make me invincible..  Sure, knowledge is power, but what good is that power if you don't use it?

So, read the Bible..  Read it daily..  Learn it, consume it, meditate on it, and study it..  But don't stop there..  You have to apply it!  Walk the walk, lean into God, pray about everything..  Good things, bad things, everything..  Don't wait for something to happen before going to God..  
He's here now..


  1. I think so often, when we are in the funk...we get sensory overload. Our adrenaline pumps, our minds race...all of our 5 senses mis-fire. When our flesh starts malfunctioning, it makes it harder to remove ourselves from that and put open up to a super natural method no matter how effective it is. I sometimes find it easier to ask for prayer in those moments. When I ask for prayer, it helps me calibrate my sensesway so I can use my prayers more's kind of like jump starting a car

  2. This is one of the toughies to put into practice for the "stong/do it yourselfer" types. :) All we can do is keep trying to do better. I'll pray for Clay (and you) NOW.

  3. Aww man! I wish you would have leaned forward. But you know what? This is a lesson for me too. I need to ALWAYS keep you in prayer. Perhaps if I had been praying for you and Clay already...well you never know.

    Well I printed out a to-do list today. I think it's time to make a to-pray-for list and print that out as well. :)

  4. Again, you ladies are amazing.. Seriously, thanks for being my friends :)


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