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Sep 23, 2012

Act like it..

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, 
but to save the world through him. (John 3:17)

When Grant Woods painted American Gothic in 1930 and entered it in the Art Institute of Chicago’s forty-third annual exhibition, he could not have expected it would become an American icon and create so much controversy. People either loved or hated it.

While I’m certain it was not the artist’s intent, to me the painting represents how many people view Christians. Jesus said it is by our love the world will come to know Him, but sadly some have only experienced condemnation from us. Of course they are turned off when they encounter a holier-than-thou attitude, and no one likes to feel someone is pointing a finger at them and judging them. Others see only a rigid set of rules to be followed. They brand Christians as naysayers and killjoys, especially when the lives of the Christians they know do not reflect the joy of the Lord and when anything but love is evident in how Christians treat them.

What about how we treat each other?  Gossiping, pointing fingers, making snap judgements, forming opinions about people we don't know or spend any time with, thinking the worst of anyone..
Do we truly behave as Jesus did?  Do we really even try?  Why would anyone want to join a group of people who treat each other so badly?  Jesus said the words "you hypocrites!" seven times in the book of Matthew alone..  Do you think that maybe He was trying to tell us something?

"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."
Corinthians 13
It says all things..  That means we are to believe the best about everyone, all the time..  It's not about our opinions, it's not about our feelings..  Our opinions are not God's opinions, and feelings are fickle..
It's about Jesus..  Jesus loves us.  He loves us in spite of us..  Should we not do the same for others?

Jesus loved..  Really loved..  Everyone..
Do we?
Do you truly believe that the Spirit of God lives IN you?  If you do, then act like it..

I know I can do better..  Can you?


  1. Absolutely, Ren! In fact, I've also been trying to focus some of that love on myself. I often find that I can lift many people up, but when it comes to me...I kick myself down a lot. Thanks for the post!

  2. #Letsdobetter

    Great post ! Have a blessed week.

  3. Another great post! Our pastor preached on this just this week. We are to ACCEPT people just as they are. Just as Jesus does. This doesn't mean we have to accept their behavior. Once we accept them, we can gently and lovingly guide them and help them become the person God wants them to be. It was a great if anyone's interested :)

  4. Thanks so much, I'm glad you all enjoyed it..
    @ Celeste, I will check out the sermon, thanks for the link!

  5. EXCELLENT post. It gets my blood boiling when I think about Christians turning people away from Christ. With that said, I wonder how many times I've been the turn off? Thanks for visiting my site because it led me to yours. I'm now following your blog and look forward to knowing my sister in Christ.


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