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Aug 14, 2012

Our comfort zone..

"I can not recall one time that God has blessed me within my comfort zone"

T.D. Jakes 

My husband is going through a very trying and painful time...  He is confronted with challenges that neither he nor I thought he would ever be confronted with..  It is unexpected, uncertain, and incredibly challenging..  The difficult situation he is trying to process and work through is so far beyond his comfort zone that I really have no idea what the result will be..  But I know that no matter what happens, it will be a blessing when it's over..
This turn of events got me thinking about our comfort zones and how much we cling to them..

Sometimes the Lord has to move us out of situations, and away from certain places and  people in order to fulfill His promises and will for our lives..  We are very eager for the blessings but it is not often that we are willing to step up and do what is required of us to receive them.   We would rather just sit and "wait upon the Lord".. 
I am not saying that we should never wait on God; we should wait for direction, guidance, clarity, and confirmation..  But where does the Bible say "Sit there and do absolutely nothing while I shower my blessings upon you"?

We miss opportunities to receive blessing and to be used by God simply because we are too afraid to move out of our comfort zones, to let go of the things most familiar to us and venture off to an area we are unfamiliar with..
Usually when we face a trial that we have to struggle through, we call it an attack of the enemy because we can't imagine anything difficult coming from God..  So we spend our time renouncing the enemy instead of thanking God for the hardship..  In doing so, we deny the blessing..

Many of us pray daily to know God's will..  We pray that He use us to further his Kingdom, we tell God that we submit ourselves to Him completely, that we will go where He wants us to go, that we will do what He wants us to do..  But how often do we consider the fact that in order to send us where He wants us to go so we can do what He wants us to do, that He will have to prepare us for the journey, and train us for the assignment?

Ask anyone who went through military boot camp what it was like, I doubt you will hear words like fun, easy, or comfortable..  It's more likely that you will hear words like painful, gut-wrenching, and demanding..
But when they graduate from boot camp they are strong and disciplined soldiers  who are prepared to carry out whatever order they are given to the best of their ability..

Sometimes we afraid of change if it means we must leave certain things and certain people behind and go forward in faith to do the work the Lord has called us to do.  We don't want to go through the training if it means we will have to go through anything painful or even uncomfortable..  Just think of the blessings and the experiences we are missing because we are so protective of our comfort!

To do God's will, to receive the unimaginable blessings that He has in store for us means possibly letting go of certain people in your life, enduring things you do not want to endure, going places you don't want to go, and doing things you don't want to do..

Do you think that Abraham wanted to leave his entire family, everything familiar to him and set out into unknown territory in his old age?  Do you think that Joseph enjoyed years of slavery and imprisonment?    Do you think that David wanted to hide in the wilderness and fight for his very survival while Saul hunted him?
They did not, but they endured..  The remained faithful and obedient to God and received amazing blessing in the end..   Abraham was the father of a nation, Joseph was promoted to second in command of all of Egypt, and David became God's anointed king of Israel..

If you insist on clinging to things, places, and people you feel most comfortable with, and refuse to ever step out in faith, how can you expect His blessings to ever manifest in your life?  You can decide to remain where you are locked away in your comfort zone so nothing bad ever happens, or you can step out in faith, endure the hardship, thank God for it and see where you end up..

Peter took a chance..  When the storm was raging and all of the apostles were cowering on the bottom of the boat, Peter saw Jesus standing on the waves..  He gathered his courage, stepped out of the boat and walked on water..

Where do you truly want to be..?  
Walking on water, or cowering in the boat?


  1. Wow. This post is great! So right on time for so much going on in my life and the people around me. I will be sharing this!

  2. Spot on, Ren! Awesome post! I thought of you when I was reading my devotional today. This post confirmed that I should share it with you.

    "How easy it is, though, to let trouble take over our thinking to the point that we forget how great God is!...David tells us to seek the Lord. To seek means 'to inquire diligently,' or 'to reach a place of desperation.' David knew this kind of desperate crying out to God and the results it brought: 'This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.'"

    God brought David (and so many others) out of their troubles, and He will deliver you and Clay too!

    Praying for you!

  3. Word! That is so true. What I love most about this is that, God prepared his people through ugly situations.

    Oh but how he exalted them in the end! I read a quote that says, If your path is difficult, it is because your calling is high.

    Thank you for helping me to remember to consider it all joy!

  4. What a fantastic and timely reminder. Thank you! Great post!

  5. Great post Ren! I am so there. Definitely out of my comfort zone these days and God is using me more than ever before. I'd love to repost this on my blog as a guest post. Let me know if that'd be okay. Just shoot me an email. :)

  6. Take whatever you like Celeste!


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