Consider the Lilies..: I love the Bible, part 3..   

Aug 12, 2012

I love the Bible, part 3..

The day I was saved, the pastor gave me a copy of the New Testament and said "read this and do what it says"..  It was pretty much smooth sailing from there..  I don't mean to say that I haven't faced any trials or had anything that I didn't have to work through or struggle with; but I have never been uncertain about who God is..  From that day forward I have not struggled to follow Him, I have never felt that He didn't love me, I never questioned my salvation or doubted for a second that God was working in my life..  From that moment I have had full confidence in the Lord.

When the pastor said "read this and do what it says" I thought "no problem!"  Seriously, this is what I do..  I'm a learner, I love to learn..  I love to read, research, and gather information..  It's how I'm wired..  It doesn't even matter what the subject is.  If it exists, I will learn about it..  No, that's not exactly true, I have learned about a lot of things that don't exist too :)
But the awesome thing about God?  You never stop learning..  You will never run out of things to learn about when studying the Bible..  I get excited just thinking about it..

Anyway, I was saved on a Wednesday..  The following Sunday Brian (the pastor) asked me if I was reading the Bible he gave me.  I told him I had already finished it (I'm also a very fast reader)..  He said "great!  Now read it again"..  I was a little annoyed, but I did what he said..  This time I prayed before I started and took more time to read it..

Something was different this time..  Something inside me sort of shifted..  I felt different, I looked at things differently, I began to think differently..  The more I read, the more I changed..  It was just really weird..  I started to take the word literally..  I realized, really truly understood that this book IS the very Word of God..  How could I not obey?  Seriously, how can anyone not obey?

I began to feel conviction for my actions..  I would be listening to my music in the car and all of a sudden think "these lyrics are pretty bad, I don't think I should be listening to this" so I turned it off..  It was the same with shows on television and even books that I read..  It happened everywhere I went..  It changed how I talked to people, how I thought about people, how I related to them..
I'm not saying I'm perfect, nor am I saying that every moment of my life is lived in a biblical manner, I'm still learning..  But I can say that when I do feel convicted, or when I do learn something new, I apply it to my life..  I stop doing some things and start doing other things..

I have read the entire Bible about 8 times so far and I learn a multitude of new things every time..  The more I read it, the more I want to read it.  If I don't read it I miss it, I crave it..  My attitude changes when I don't read it, and it improves when I do..  I love this book..  It truly is living water for me..  I have to read this book, as often and as much as I can..

I know many of you believe that you simply can not afford to make the time to really dive into this book..  I'm telling you; you can't afford not to..  Make the time, cut something out of your schedule if you have to..    Read it, study it, meditate on it..  Every day..

If God truly is the most important thing in your life, prove it..
Read the Bible.  You won't regret it..  I promise..

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