Consider the Lilies..: Attitude adjustment..   

Aug 27, 2012

Attitude adjustment..

Ok, we figured out what was causing my nighttime seizures..  Yay!  So now I can go back to blogging about every little thing that pops into my head..

Ever have one of those days where everything annoys you?  That was yesterday for me..  Oh it started off great..  Found a good parking spot at church, my daughter (who is the barista at the coffee shop) made my vanilla hazelnut latte just perfectly and brought with it a nicely toasted bagel..  I had a nice chat with one of my favorite people who can be counted on to spread absolute joy wherever he goes..  Then got to talk to P. Dave about a verse in Revelations that I was struggling with..  Worship was amazing and the sermon was the best I have heard so far..  Yeah, it was an awesome day..  Everything was perfect..  Then everything started going downhill..  

I went to a meeting/luncheon for the church volunteers..  The food was awful, I had to tell my daughter and her friends to be quiet at least a dozen times..  The meeting wore on, the T-shirts we will be wearing are ugly, I will have to wear a name tag (something I have been arguing against for over a year)..  

Then at home, my daughter decided that everything she said or did needed to be said or done with an attitude and my husband either didn't notice it or just chose to ignore it..  The chicken I made for dinner was terrible, the dogs were being obnoxious, and Rachel's cat mistook the bathtub for the litter box..
So at 9:00 I told my family (pets included) that I was sick of all of them and I went to bed..

This morning as I was brewing a cup of coffee I was reminded of a verse that  had read recently..  I had read it a few times but didn't put much thought into it until this morning..
Do everything without complaining or arguing..
Philippians 2:4
It's a good verse to teach your kids, but the same goes for adults too..  It was the word 'everything' that stood out to me..  It doesn't say 'almost everything' or 'most things' or 'some things'..  It says EVERYTHING..
The simple fact is this:  The Bible says don't complain..  This isn't a little thing..  It was important enough to God to put it in the Bible, so that should be enough for us..  Like everything else, it's a choice..  We can choose to complain or not..  We can choose to hold on to our peace or not, and if we can't hold on to our own peace, Jesus gave us His.. 
 John 14:27- "My peace I leave with you".

We are responsible for our actions.  Blaming someone for making us angry is just stupid..  We decide whether we will be angry or not, we decide if we will complain and argue or not..  Us, no one else..  Absolutely no one can make you get angry..  You make that decision completely on your own..  I have heard it before, heck I have said it before:  "If she didn't act that way" or "If he didn't say that" then "I wouldn't be angry"..  Seriously?  Blaming others for your inability to control your  emotions is sort of lame don't you think?
But it takes self control..  It's easier for us to be lazy, blame others and just let our emotions get the better of us..  Easier, but wrong..   

The way I see it, we have a choice to make; we can hold on to our peace, guard our tongues and consider it all joy..  Or we can choose to be disobedient..    This is something that I know I need to repent of..  It won't be easy and I might mess up now and again, but practice makes perfect right?


  1. Brings 1 Thessalonians 5:18 to mind, "Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus."

    Easy in theory, but because of our human nature, it can be a tough one to put into practice. Always good to be reminded of it though. :)

  2. I'm happy you're doing better ! Great post, I'll pray we can make the right choice in not being angry.

  3. Well said. Our flesh is so unstable...more proof that without God, we would spiral down a very bad path. Sometimes it's hard to believe that God loves us despite flawed human flesh laziness. Praises Him for that!

  4. Ren I'm sorry but I laughed most of the way through this post. Only because I could totally relate to everything you were talking about.

    Yes we can decide who and what makes us angry. And we can choose not to be angry. However God does give us room for anger and instructs us in how to handle the anger.

    Ephesians 4:26 "In your anger do not sin": Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry

    So don't feel too awful. At least you didn't tell them to kiss where the son don't shine. :)


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