Consider the Lilies..: We Can Do Better   

Jul 7, 2012

We Can Do Better

Jesus is perfect.  
     When He walked on this earth two thousand years ago, as a man of flesh and bone, He lived perfectly.  He never had an unholy thought, He was never selfish, the only anger He ever showed was righteous anger, He put everyone before himself, never denied help to anyone who asked for it, and never questioned the Lord.  All that He did, He did for the glory of God.
As believers we are called to emulate Christ.  We are called to behave like Christ, think like Christ, be obedient like Christ, and to love like Christ.  Unfortunately many Christians live with the “We will never be perfect like Him so it’s pointless to try” mentality.  We have given up before we even started.
Because we know that we can not earn our way to Heaven by doing anything, many of us have decided that it’s better to do nothing..
If we can’t do everything, why bother doing anything?  Why do good works?  Why read the Bible?  Why pray when I don’t need anything?

We have been given our salvation by the crucifixion of Christ, we have declared Jesus the Lord of our lives.  We are in.  Our spot in Heaven is reserved.  That’s all there is to it.  Why should we spend our time learning and meditating on the Word of God?  Why should we go out of our way to minister to others?  Why should we go out and spread the Word?  We are already saved!  We are going to Heaven!  Why try when we already have our eternal salvation?
What if Jesus had that same mentality when He walked on this earth?  Just imagine him saying to the Apostles, “I’m Jesus, the Son of God.  Why should I give sight to the blind, heal the sick, make the lame walk, and raise the dead?  I don’t need to do a darn thing to get to Heaven.  My throne is already waiting for me at the right hand of God!  Hello?  I’m God in the flesh! I don’t have to do anything to get my reward, so why should I?  Especially for these horrible sinners who don‘t deserve it, not to mention the ungrateful ones who will never appreciate it!”

Everything Jesus did, He did in obedience to glorify His Father.  But he didn’t have to do anything, He chose to.  In the Garden of Gethsemane when the soldiers came to arrest Him and lead Him to His death, He did not have to go with them, He chose to be taken, knowing full well what He would endure.
When Peter jumped forward to defend Jesus, did Jesus not say to him;
“Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?” Matthew 26:53
Jesus had the power of God with Him.  He was already promised the Kingdom of God, but He chose to heal the sick and cast out demons.  He chose to be taken, humiliated, beaten, and eventually killed.  He could have stopped what was happening to Him at any time.  But He chose to endure and follow the will of God.  Why should we as the body of Christ be any different?  Are we not the hands and feet of Jesus?
We are followers of Christ.  We have our Bibles, we go to church, we say a prayer before we eat and again before bedtime, and we might even invite a friend to church once in a while.  We’re OK right?

Personally, I think we can do better..


  1. Yes we can. Now, where do we start? How can we do better?

  2. Great post, it grabbed my attention. Can't wait to read more!


  3. Thanks JD!
    @ Kenyatta, I'm working on that :)


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