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Jul 14, 2012

Time with God..

“We need to spend time with God every day.”
That is a statement that we as believers hear over and over.  We hear it during the sermons at church, when we watch sermons on television, we hear it in our small groups on Wednesday nights.  We hear it all the time..
If you seek counseling from a pastor chances are he or she will ask you “how much time do you spend with God?”
We hear it so much, it’s like a broken record; spend time with God, spend time with God, spend time with God.
I have attended a women’s Bible study for the last two years.  Though I have completed 3 sessions so far, the basic theme has been ‘Spend time with God’.  I heard it so much that I became sick of it.  So sick of it that I actually told a friend “If the theme next season is ‘Spend time with God’ I’m not going!  I spend four hours every day with God.  I read the Bible, I pray, I study the Bible, I meditate on the Word, I am even attending Theology school.  I do not need to be told to spend time with God!”
Yeah, I know..  My arrogance was showing.  
Even worse, without realizing it, I was convincing my friend that she didn’t need to hear it any more either.  God has since reminded me that in the beginning of my Christian life I did not start off spending four hours a day with Him.  I didn’t just decide one day to free up a certain amount of time to devote to God.   It was a process.
But there is a reason why we are constantly told to spend time with God:  
We need to spend time with God!

A few weeks ago at connect group the people at my table were given a little survey to take.  There were 5 categories: God, Family, Work, Social life, Hobbies & Entertainment.  
The instructions were to number each category in the order that dictates how you spend your time..
For example, if your work dictates most of your time, and entertainment dictates the least, you would write 1 for work and 5 for entertainment..
Everyone around our table wrote #1 by either work or family and then #2 by God.  
It does sound like they were all being very honest with themselves and each other..  They were admitting that God does not come first where their time is concerned..
However, they weren't exactly being honest when they said that He came second either.

The week before, everyone at the table listed off the reasons why they just didn't have time to devote to God..  One girl who is single works from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening said that every day she tells herself that she will spend some quality time with God.  When she gets up in the morning she turns the television to the Church Channel so it's playing in the background while she gets ready for work.  Then she goes to work, home for lunch, and then back to work..  She returns home at 5:00, grabs some dinner and then rushes out the door to meet with friends (promising herself that she will get up early the next morning and spend some real time with God).  At about 1:00 in the morning she gets home and falls into bed.  Naturally because she got home so late, waking up early isn't really going to happen.  But she has convinced herself that listening to a sermon on television while she brushes her teeth in the morning is the best she can do..
So what is really #2 on her list?  Is it God or her social life?

Another woman who is a stay at home mother of four explained that in a home with a husband and four children it's difficult to find any time to herself..  OK, I do understand that..  There is always cooking, cleaning, laundry, and driving, among other things to do..  She said that she is running from the moment she gets up in the morning until the moment her head hits the pillow at night.
But that's not exactly true..  Her husband works full time, 3 of her 4 children go to school for 8 hours a day, and her children do the majority of the household chores including their own laundry when they are home..  A big portion of her day is spent socializing on Facebook, watching Youtube, and browsing Pinterest.  It's not unusual for her to be doing this until very late at night.
What is really #2 on her list?  Is it God or her obsession with the internet?

What it comes down to is this..  What are their priorities?  What are yours?  If you are a Christian, is God #1 on your list?  Is He even #2?    Think about it..  


  1. This is so true! I've been working on this myself. Sometimes we have to make the time!
    I also stopped by to leave you a note that I've nominated you for a blogger award.

  2. Wow! I'm flattered! Thank you!

  3. Ren, I am returning the visit and just back from Maine- following you too! I think I have changed how I view spending time with God over the years. I think I am learning the meaning of abiding and grace in deeper ways. I think you raise valid points and really living our faith happens 24-7 not just when we purpose to spend time with Him. I am grateful that His Spirit does guide into Truth as we yield our lives more to Him. I think I am learning that God is not a To Do to be checked off but a faithful friend who so desires to have me attuned to Him in every waking moment. I do believe we need to prioritize time with Him in the ways that minister to our spirits best in the way He created us. Excellent post. Keep in touch! In His Grace, Dawn

  4. I have been around a lot of people that claim they don't have time for church or to devote to God. I think we all make our own priorities and a lot of people are great about making excuses about being too busy etc. I love how thought provoking all your posts are!


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