Consider the Lilies..: Limiting God..   

Jul 20, 2012

Limiting God..

Very rarely do we have a problem asking God for what we want or need..  I know there are some who feel guilty, or even maybe a little selfish constantly asking Him for something, but lets face it, the majority of us do not.
That's OK though..  We are supposed to ask God for things.  We are supposed to depend on Him for everything..  He wants us to ask.  The Bible even says "You do not have because you do not ask".

We are supposed to ask.
What we are not supposed to do is tell Him how to give us what we want..

I'll give you an example:

Things are pretty tight for our family financially right now..  We have some rather large expenses coming up in a couple of weeks and if something doesn't happen soon we are going to be in serious trouble..  My husband is up for a promotion..  The promotion comes with a significant pay raise..  We are not sure when he will receive the promotion, but we are sure that he will..
A couple weeks ago I was talking to a friend who knows of our financial problem, and he said something like "You two (my husband and I) have given a lot of money to a lot of people in need over the past 2 years, maybe God will inspire someone to give to you in your time of need".

Right away I said no, that won't happen..  You see, God has blessed my husband with a wonderful job..  I told my friend that because God has already blessed me so much through my husband that I simply could not expect Him to bless me through someone else.
So I have been praying that my husband receives this promotion right away..
Then my friend asked me "Who are you to put limitations on how God blesses you?"

He was absolutely right..  I had already decided what would be best and just expected God to agree with it..  I was asking Him to bless my plan..  I was telling God what I wanted and how I wanted Him to get it to me.
I was not trusting that He knew what was best for me..
I have been been limiting God's ability to give me what I need by only allowing Him to bless me through my husband..  And guess what?  My husband has not been promoted and we are still in financial trouble..
Go figure..

If God only gave us what we wanted the way we want Him to, how will we ever learn to trust Him?  How will we learn that He knows us far better that we will ever know ourselves?
The Bible tells us to bring our requests to God, to rely on Him completely.  When we tell Him how to answer our prayers, we are not being obedient to Him..
In all actuality, we are expecting Him to obey us.

I think we can do better..


  1. We also run the risk of God giving us exactly what we ask for and missing out on the extravagant blessings HE has planned for us. His plans are always so much better and more abundant than mine! I'll pray for major financial blessing over your family, Ren. and I won't be specific at all... I'll let God come up with the plan! :)

    Let the flood gates of blessing open wide for the Moody Fam, in the Matchless name of Jesus!

  2. I so needed to hear this today. Thank you so much for writing it.

  3. Wow, love this! So true!

    I'm a new follower from Book Blogs. I would love a follow as well.


  4. This has been a long weekend and this post is so true! I hope everything works out with your husbands promotion and that your financial struggles get lessened.

  5. Nice blog...wishing you good things to come.

    Silver's Reviews

  6. God is GREAT and ALL MIGHTY ! I like the stuff you post. It's refreshing. #wecandobetter


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